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The School’s aims are to educate artistically gifted children between the ages of 7 and 19, whatever their social, ethnic and cultural background and financial circumstances, to provide as broad an academic curriculum as is possible within a specialist school and to develop the whole person, furthering the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each student.

The programmes are based on national syllabus (comprehensive subjects) alongside with the highest calibre artistic education in the direction of the professional skills and competency. Having completed 12 grades and passed the matura and art subjects’ examinations, students receive a matura attestation.Having completed grade 13 ballet students receive a professional ballet dancer diploma and can pursue their professional career worldwide.

The School offers three main directions in artistic syllabus - music, fine arts and ballet.

The programmes implement.

Primary and Artistic Education (age group 7 to 11) 

MusicFine ArtsBalletComprehensive Studies
Principal Instrument Drawing  Barre a Terre  Lithuanian 
Solfeggio  Composition  Gymnastics  Maths 
Compulsory Piano  Modelling  Improvisation  Integrated course of Science, History & Geography 
Choir  Folk Art  Rhythmics  Personal or Religious Studies 
Rhythmics  History of Classical Dance  Physical Education 
Folklore  Classical Exercise (Grade 4)  Art & Technologies 
Vocal Training  Compulsory piano  Music 
Foreign Language (English, French, German) 

Basic and Artistic Education (age group 11 to 16) 

Music Fine Arts Ballet (under the age of 15) Comprehensive Studies 
Principal Instrument  Drawing  Classical Exercise &Allegro  Lithuanian 
Solfeggio  Composition  Classical variations  2 Foreign Languages (English, French, German, Russian) 
Music Theory  Sketching  Historical Dance  Maths 
Harmony Colour  Lithuanian Folk Dance  History 
History of Music  Modelling  Barre a Terre  Geography 
History of Art  History of Art  Gymnastics  Physics 
Compulsory Piano Folk Art  Acting Technique  Chemistry 
Choir  Painting  Make-up  IT 
String Ensemble Graphics  History of Theatre and Ballet  Personal or Religious Studies 
Vocal Training  Sculpture  Compulsory piano  Physical Education 
Choral Conducting  Design  History of Art 
Orchestral Training  3-Dimensional Composition  Ballet Dancer Training  Music 
Chamber Ensemble  Plane Composition  Vocational programme 
Accompaniment  Ceramics and Fictile  from the age of 15
Individual work 

Secondary and Artistic Education (age group 17 to 19)

Music Fine Arts Ballet Dancer Training Comprehensive Studies 
Principal Instrument  Drawing  Vocational programme  Lithuanian 
Solfeggio  Sketching  (look bellow)  2 Foreign Languages (English, French, German, Russian) 
Harmony  History of Art  Maths 
History of Music  Individual work  History 
History of Art  Principal fields  Geography 
Music Technology  Painting  Physics 
Music Analysis  & Composition  Chemistry 
Compulsory Piano  - Stained-glass  IT 
Orchestral Training  - Textile  Personal or Religious Studies 
Chamber Ensemble  Graphics  Physical Education 
Accompaniment  & Composition  History of Art 
Choir  -Layout  Music 
Choral Conducting -Fount 
Choirmaster  Sculpture 
Vocal Training  & Composition 
-Ceramics and Fictile 
- 3-Dimensional Composition 
& Composition 

Ballet Dancer Training Vocational programme (age group 15 to 19) is a substitution of ballet syllabus at this age group. This programme splits into specializations - classical ballet and contemporary dance.

Classical Ballet Contemporary Dance 
Classical Exercise &Allegro  Modern Dance Exercise 
Classical variations  Classical Exercise &Allegro 
Pas de Deux Class  Improvisation 
Character Dance  Composition 
Historical Dance  Dance Contact 
Modern Dance  Acting Dance 
Lithuanian Folk Dance  Dancing Styles 
Acting Technique  Movement Anatomy, Pilates 
History of Theatre and Ballet  History of Theatre and Ballet 
Movement Anatomy, Pilates  Analysis of Music pieces 
Analysis of Music pieces 


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